Smiling Senior Woman
"Finson Road is a special place where people can age in place while surrounded by friends and support. Regaining the skills, rights, and privileges that time and illness has taken from them. Here they are reunited with familyand community as they gracefully continue into their elder years." 
Jay Bowker, Program Director

Finson Road

As part of NFI North and founded in 1998, Finson Road was established to provide a supportive and caring residence that provides rehabilitative services for adults (60+) who experience mental health challenges. The program focuses on living together in a shared living space and co-existing as a community – where FRIENDS provides the pillars of our functioning. These pillars are:


Program participants who reside here are members of a family – each belonging to this healthy community which includes peers, relatives and staff. Regular groups are held weekly; including a community meeting, a house group, social group and regular attendance in the community. Monthly outings include a community meal, coffee dates, church services, family visits, farmers markets, concerts in the park, attendance at the theatre, community service and more.
Our daily activities and weekly outings are purposefully designed to encourage more active living among participants. We believe these social opportunities encourage participants to become more engaged in their new setting and instill a sense of belonging and emotional well-being. Participants are assisted with tasks ranging from preparing meals, scheduling and attending appointments, follow up with requests for information, medication administration, treatments, and more.

Please call (207) 945-3099 or email the Program Director at
Finson Road | 726 Finson Rd. Bangor, ME 04401